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Course Overview

CMEO Afloat

The CMEO Deck, Senior Engineer (CE/1AE), and Junior Engineer courses provide training on an array of topics such as:


  • MSC Maintenance Philosophy
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Shipboard Automated Maintenance Management (SAMM)system
  • Fleet Lube Oil program
  • Fleet Fuel Oil (Policy, Testing/Analysis/Treatment, NEURS)
  • Energy Conservation (ENCON)
  • Vibration monitoring and Analysis (VMS:ViPre)
  • Reciprocating Engine Analysis (REA:DOCTOR)
  • Supply (ShipClip/LogiQuest)
  • Chemicals Program (Testing/Analysis/Treatment)
  • Equipment Alignment
  • CargoMax
  • Drydocking
  • Aviation Certification (AVCERT)



CMEO Ashore

The CMEO Ashore courses provide training for Port Engineers and N7 Technical Personnel on various topics such as:


  • SAMM Policies Matrix/Dashboards/Virtual Technical Library (VTL)
  • SAMM Availabilities
  • SAMM Machinery History and PM Compliance
  • SAMM PMIA (PM Industrial Assist)
  • SAMM Task Manager
  • Training Module
  • Vessel Assessment and Inspection (VSA/PEVI)
  • Work Item (Historical and Library Module)
  • Aviation Certification (AVCERT)
  • PENG
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Ship Inspection and Regulatory Bodies


N7 Continuing Education

N7 courses are tailored to the specific technical, operational, and administrative needs within N7, such as:


  • Failure Mode Identification
  • Diesel Engine Theory
  • Wartsila Shaft Seals
  • Wartsila Water Jet Drives
  • OSHA 10-Hour Shipyard Safety and Confined Space Entry
  • Dale Carnegie Management
  • Drydocking
  • Contract Officer’s Representative certification
  • Contract Award Based on Best Value
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • NACE Marine Coating Technologies (MCT)
  • NACE Shipboard Corrosion Assessment Training (S-CAT)
  • Writing Performance Based Work Items
  • Work Item Estimating
  • Oracle