Work Item Estimating Refresher Workshop

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The target audience for this course is all N7 personnel who have previously completed the MSC Work Item Writing course and want to refresh their proficiency in writing work items.

Prerequisites for this course include completion of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Military Sealift Command
  • MSC Regulatory Standards, Inspections, Maintenance Availability Overview, and Engineering Budgets
  • Government Contracting, RCA, RCM, and ENCON
  • MSC Work Item Writing Fundamentals
  • MSC Work Item Estimating Fundamentals

This course provides refresher training on MSC cost estimating policies and practices pertaining to researching, decomposing, and estimating the costs associated with detailed and performance-like work items. The course includes practical exercises in the decomposition and estimating of new and existing detailed and performance-like work items. The subject matter is considered advanced in nature. This course consists of the following modules:

  • Work Item Estimating Fundamentals
  • Decomposition and Estimating of Exercises
  • Creating Bottom-up Estimates for Detailed and Performance-like Work Items

Work Item Estimating Refresher Workshop

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