N7 Engineering Academy – Work Item Estimating Fundamentals

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Syllabus – Work Item Estimating Fundamentals

This 3-day course provides in-depth training on MSC estimating policies and practices pertaining to researching, decomposing, and estimating detailed and performance-like work items, followed by practical exercises in the decomposition and estimating of new and existing detailed and performance-like work items. This course consists of the following modules:

  • Work Item Estimating Fundamentals
  • Decomposition and Estimating of Exercises
  • Creating Bottom-up Estimates for Detailed and Performance-like Work Items

The target audience for this course is new and current N7 Engineers who may be required to estimate work items and/or change-orders. This course is appropriate for engineers at all experience levels, as many estimates are based on experience and reliance of contract specialist negotiations, without providing details on the assumptions used to create the estimate, estimate breakdowns associated with specific sections of the statement of work, that could be used by negotiators or those who conduct post-availability reviews.

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