Welding (Steel)

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Presented by: American Welding Society ®

Welding Theory and Inspections for Steel Vessels


This course is an intensive review of welding inspection science, documentation, and techniques. This course will cover: fundamental knowledge, practical inspection, an overview of welding steel, and a walk-through of our flagship standard, AWS D1.1:2020.

Please see below for list of materials for each class they will receive physically:


D1.1 Codebook 

D1.1 Study Guide 

Welding Inspection Technology (WIT) Textbook 

WIT Workbook 

WIT Sample Exam 

A2.4: Standard Symbols 

A3.0:  Standard Welding Terms & Definitions 

B1.10: Guide for Nondestructive Examination 

Book of Specifications 

Book of Exhibits 

Part B Assignments/Homework

VIW Tools

Weld replicas (for every 2 people; must be returned to AWS)

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