U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Inspection and Certification Overview

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This training provides an overview of U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) commercial vessel inspection and certification, including international regulation of commercial shipping (SOLAS and MARPOL); flag state administration authority; U.S. regulation of commercial shipping (33 CFR and 46 CFR); Memorandum of Agreement between MSC and U.S. Coast Guard; USCG marine inspection organization; USCG Certificate of Inspection; Statements of Voluntary Compliance; Alternate Compliance Program; marine inspection scheduling requirements, and inspection procedures and practices, including inspections related to COI renewal/maintenance, inspections during maintenance availabilities, and inspections related to emergent casualties/damage.

This training is an abbreviated version of the 16-hour U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Inspection and Certification training that has been tailored to the training needs and time constraints associated with SSU personnel attending training in CONUS.  This training is also appropriate for other personnel who require only a cursory understanding of USCG vessel inspection and certification.

Recommended prerequisites: MSC Operation and Maintenance Philosophy

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