Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation Course (ABS Course)

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The Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation Course provide Port Engineers with methodologies to initiate a root cause analysis of a typical shipboard engineering casualty or mishap. The 4-day course will involve techniques to gather data for investigating engineering incidents, collect data through interviews and parts analyses, apply powerful techniques (timelines, cause and effect trees, Root Cause MapTM, and 5-whys) for causal factor and root cause identification. Port Engineers will also learn to avoid future incidents by developing appropriate recommendations using our four-level recommendation development guidance to address each of the causal factors and root causes, structure reports for optimum effectiveness, develop data trending process to identify systemic problem areas, and more.


  1. Basics of Incidents and Investigations
    • Workshop: Identifying causal factors and root causes
  2. Analyzing Data
    • Workshop: Developing simplified cause and effect trees – instructor-led example
    • Workshop: Developing simplified cause and effect trees – participant groups
    • Workshop: Developing timelines – instructor-led example, participant groups
    • Workshop: Developing causal factor charts – instructor-led example
  3. Identifying Root Causes
    • Workshop: Identifying root causes
  4. Developing Recommendations
    • Workshop: Developing recommendations
  5. Completing the Investigation
  6. Initiating Investigation
  7. Gathering Data
    • Workshop: Identifying types of interview questions
    • Workshop: Identifying data needs
  8. Investigation Programs
  9. General Resources
    • Workshop: Simulated incident investigation

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