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This hands-on training provides a brief overview of SAMM usage by afloat personnel, and detailed overview of SAMM usage by shoreside personnel, including: using SAMM WEB Maintenance and Repair (M&R) program; shipboard generation of voyage repair requests; reviewing planned maintenance industrial assistance requirements; reviewing machinery history; work item development (including identifying relevant proven, historical and standard work items); scheduling work items for accomplishment during a specific maintenance availability; reviewing status of pending ship’s force and industrial assistance repair items; ordering necessary material and/or services for work items; initiating TRANSALT requests; reviewing TRANSALT processing status; and creating and printing maintenance and repair reports using the SAMM reporting module.  This training emphasizes the manner in which SAMM is used by shoreside personnel for planning and managing ship maintenance requirements.  A separate training session is offered for MSC afloat personnel that provides a detailed hands-on training regarding using SAMM planning and managing shipboard preventive maintenance, reporting shipboard maintenance requirements, accessing data associated with MSC’s predictive maintenance programs, and maintaining a ship’s maintenance history.

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