Port Engineer Basic Training Course – Part 1

Registration for this course is now closed. Please complete the Audit & Waiting List form below if you are still interested in attending this course.


This basic training course is intended to establish a basic knowledge foundation regarding MSC and PPE roles and responsibilities. Here’s what you’ll learn about:

Tuesday AM 2 hrs Port Engineer Required Competencies
2 hrs MSC Overview
PM 2 hrs MSC Operation and Maintenance Philosophy
2 hrs MSC Shoreside Personnel
Wednesday AM 2 hrs MSC Engineering Directorate
2 hrs MSC Fleet
PM 2 hrs MSC Afloat Personnel
2 hrs ABS
Thursday AM 2 hrs CFR and IMO
2 hrs Work Specification Development
PM 2 hrs Independent Government Estimate

This course will be followed by a series of more in-depth training sessions and workshops that will be developed and scheduled over the next several months.

NOTE: All ‘new hire’ and junior PEs (GS-5 through GS-12) are highly encouraged to register/attend ALL segments. Principle Port Engineers (GS-13) and Supervisory Port Engineers (GS-14) can register for the full course, OR may attend individual segments on an as-desired basis, w/o having to register.

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