N7 Engineering Academy – MSC Regulatory Standards, Inspections, Maintenance Availability Overview, and Engineering Budgets

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This course provides an in-depth introduction to the commercial regulatory standards, inspection regimens, aviation certification, drydocking, availability planning, availability management, work item development, and work item cost estimating philosophy, policies, and business practices used by MSC.  The subject matter is considered basic in nature.  This course consists of the following modules:

  • American Bureau of Shipping Vessel Classification
  • U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Inspection and Certification
  • MSC SMART Inspections
  • MSC Onboard Condition Inspections
  • MSC Work Item Development Overview
  • MSC Work Item Cost Estimating Overview
  • Drydocking Overview
  • Government Contracting Overview
  • MSC Availability Planning Overview
  • MSC Availability Management Overview
  • Federal Budget Process
  • DOD Budget Process
  • Funding MSC Operations
  • MSC Engineering Budget Development
  • MSC Engineering Budget Execution

The target audience for this course is all new-hire N7 personnel.  This course is also appropriate for experienced N7 personnel who want to refresh their proficiency in certain subject matter areas.

MSC Reg Stds, Insp, Maint Avail, and Engrg Budgets Syllabus


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