PENG Web / PENG Remote Best Practices Workshop

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This is an hands-on workshop that focuses on refresher training for using PENG, and exploring solutions to problems students are encountering when attempting to use PENG Web or PENG Remote to create a maintenance availability contract in PENG; edit contract details post-award; view work items details; add or delete work items; record and respond to CFRs; create RFPs and associated independent government cost estimates; export RFPs and cost estimates for contracting; update RFP’s with settled pricing; track physical progress for work items and RFPs and create physical progress reports; create, export and track QDRs; create, export and track PSDPNs; create and export weekly SITREPs; create and export data for availability completion reports; and create and export Post Overhaul Analysis Reports.


Recommended prerequisites: PENG Web / PENG Remote and prior experience using PENG

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