PENG Web / PENG Remote

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This training provides a detailed overview of PENG, which is the MSC software program used by Port Engineers to manage the administrative workload associated with managing maintenance availabilities, including: creating a maintenance availability contract in PENG; editing contract details post-award; view work items details; add or delete work items; record and respond to CFRs; create RFPs and associated independent government cost estimates; export RFPs and cost estimates for contracting; update RFP’s with settled pricing; track physical progress for work items and RFPs and create physical progress reports; create, export and track QDRs; create, export and track PSDPNs; create and export weekly SITREPs; create and export data for availability completion reports; and create and export Post Overhaul Analysis Reports. This training also includes an introduction to using PENG Remote, which is a stand-alone laptop version of PENG that can be used in instances in which Port Engineers have limited internet connectivity during a maintenance availability.

This training is an abbreviated version of the 12-hour PENG Web / PENG Remote training that has been tailored to the training needs and time constraints associated with SSU personnel attending training in CONUS.  This training is also appropriate for other personnel who require only a understanding of PENG Web / PENG Remote.  This abbreviated training will involve minimal hands-on training exercises. 

Recommended prerequisites: MSC Availability Management

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