Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance

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Operations and Maintenance for LM2500 Gas Turbine engines.


Chapter 1 – LM2500 Gas Turbine Overview

This chapter provides a brief overview of the LM2500 gas turbine components and support

systems. The LM2500 is an aero-derivative design gas turbine. For this course, a base

LM2500 unit with a single annular combustor is used.


Chapter 2 – Inlet Air System

The air that is used for combustion and turbine compartment cooling is provided by the inlet

air system. This system will condition ambient air via heat exchangers, filters, or other

cooling device for use in the turbine.


Chapter 3 – Accessory Drive

This chapter reviews the operation and purpose of the accessory gearbox. The AGB

provides the motive force, from the compressor shaft, for several pumps and accepts input

torque during startup.


Chapter 4 – Compressor Section

The compressor section provides high-pressure, high-temperature combustion air. The

compressor contains equipment to prevent compressor stall and is a source for cooling air

used throughout the machine.


Chapter 5 – Fuel Gas System

This chapter provides a review of the fuel gas delivery system; it includes a description of

the equipment used to create combustion and how the process occurs to create

mechanical torque.


Chapter 6 – Turbine Section

The LM2500 contains a two-stage, high-pressure turbine to drive the compressor. A

second, 6-stage low pressure turbine section drives the generator.


Chapter 7 – Lube Oil System

The combustion turbine contains a unique lube oil system, which allows for the high-speed

rotation of both HP and LP systems. A second oil system for the generator provides

service for its operation.


Chapter 8 – Hydraulic Oil Systems

This gas turbine contains two hydraulic systems; the control oil system to provide the

hydraulic force to operate the variable stator vanes and the hydraulic oil system to provide

the force for the gas control valve and water injection flow control valve.


Chapter 9 – Hydraulic Start System

This chapter covers the operation of the remote hydraulic start system used by this

combustion turbine. The system includes a skid and local hydraulic pump that rolls the

machine from the accessory gearbox.


Chapter 10 – Firing

This is a step by step sequence of starting the combustion turbine from zero speed to full

load. There are a few important hold points that are covered in detail.


Chapter 11 – Generator Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the electric generator driven by the low-pressure

turbine section. The generator converts the mechanical torque of the gas turbine into

electrical power that will be exported to the local grid.


Chapter 12 – Turbine Troubleshooting

This section will provide the list common issues which may occur during the operation of

the combustion turbine. Each event has the conditions and actions listed.


Chapter 13 – Combustion Turbine Maintenance

This section provides a list of typical preventive maintenance activities for the combustion

turbine. The list is arranged by interval and list general steps with its performance.

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