CMEO for Junior Officers (DECK & ENGINE)

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This 5-day course for all Junior Shipboard Officers (2nd & 3rd Mates and 2nd & 3rd A/Es) reviews the following:

-Review of MSC Organization changes & updates;
-MSC Policies and Practices for Environmental, Safety, SMS, and QMS;
-Intro to Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and how it applies aboard MSC ships;
-SAMM (Shipboard), Shiplog, Logbook, & other Engineering Applications, including Admin;
-Energy Conservation (ENCON) Policy and Practices;
-Commodities Contracts (Fuel/Lube Oil procurement, sampling & analysis, Chemicals, etc), focusing on Fuel Oil Bunkering and Oil sampling, as well as shipboard Chemicals, sampling & kit usage;
-IHS Haystack (Gold);
-Feedback (for both ShipClip & SAMM Maintenance);
-MSC’s Virtual Technical Library (aboard ship)

Segments common to both Deck & Engine will be conducted together, with break outs for the Deck Officers and Engineers later in the week.


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