CMEO Engine/Deck Hybrid Class

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CMEO Hybrid Schedules

The following courses comprise the MSC CMEO for Engineers & Deck

NOTE: user MUST attend each day to receive the certificate for the SAMM Application Training



  1. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  2. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  3. Energy Conservation (ENCON)
  4. Engineering Status Report/Regulatory Body Inspections


  1. SAMM Intro/Virtual Tech Library
  2. SAMM Planned Maintenance (PM)
  3. SAMM Workbook
  4. SAMM Corrective Maintenance


  1. SAMM Machinery History
  2. SAMM Utilities (Engine Only)
  3. ShipsLog (Deck Only)
  4. Machinery Alignment (Engine Only)
  5. Logbook (Engine Only)
  6. Applied RCM to Voyage Repair Request’s (Engine Only)
  7. CargoMax (Deck Only)


  1. LogiQuest
  2. Shipboard Configuration and Logistics Information Program (ShipCLIP)
  4. Vibration Analysis (VMS) (Engine Only)
  5. Reciprocating Analysis (RA) (Engine Only)
  6. Drydocking (Deck Only)


  1. Fuel Oil/Lube Oil & Paint Contracts & Analysis
  2. Lube Oil Theory, Sampling & Testing (Engine Only)
  3. Chemical & Commodities Contracts, Chemical Testing & Treatment (Engine Only)

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