CMEO Ashore (PENG) for Strategic Sealift Reservists

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This course is available online only.


The target audience for this course is Strategic Sealift Officers who will possibly support MSC’s Ashore Personnel in the Shipyard (e.g. Principal Port Engineer, Assistant Port Engineer, Ashore Analysts, & N10 personnel). We specifically tailored this course for personnel who have not taken this course within the past 5 years and need an introduction to the PENG module.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course introduces participants to the MSC Port Engineering Management System (PENG) used for managing maintenance availabilities. This course consists of the following modules:

  • Intro to Source Items (T-ALT, PMIA, VRR)
  • PENG Session 1
    • Contract Module
    • Award Costs
    • Work Items
    • Cat B/Line Items
    • Dates and Milestone
    • Conditions Found Reports (CFRs)
  • PENG Session 2
    • Contract Change Orders (CCOs)
    • CCO Credit/Debit/Cancellation
    • Progress Reporting
    • Situation Reports (SitReps)
    • Port Engineer Notebook
    • Reporting

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