CMEO Ashore Part III – Program Analysis

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The target audience for this course is MSC Type Desks (Supervisory Project Engineers), Class Engineers, Principal Port Engineers, OPCO CORs, N73 Inspectors and Auditors, N72 Root Cause Analysis, and other related N7 engineering personnel.

The objective of this course is to introduce participants to current N7 performance metrics and their role in supporting data-driven decision-making.  Topics covered in this course include:

  • MSC engineering and maintenance management policies
  • Performance management and measurement
  • Data considerations for performance measures
  • SAMM and PENG data mining
  • Common data analysis techniques
  • Current N7 performance metrics
  • Program Manager Briefs
  • Executive Summary Reports
  • Miscellaneous Program Manager Reports
  • POAM and VRR Compliance Reports
  • MSC RITEMOV Reports
  • ABS Condition-Based Class (CBC)
  • SAMM and PENG data quality issues
  • SAMM feedback process


At the conclusion of this course, participants will understand the importance of performance metrics, and be able to:

  • Describe N7’s current performance metrics.
  • Access N7 performance metrics and associated data stored in SAMM History and/or the MSC Virtual Technical Library (VTL).
  • Use N7 performance metrics to assess vessel material readiness.
  • Use N7 performance metrics to identify vessel material readiness risks.
  • Apply N7 performance metrics to maintenance and repair decision-making.
  • Identify additional performance metrics of potential value to the MSC Program Managers.

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