CMEO Ashore Part III – Program Analysis (Online only)

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The target audience for this course is MSC Type Desks (Supervisory Project Engineers), Class Engineers, Principal Port Engineers, Ship Operating Contract CORs, N73 Inspectors and Auditors, N72 Root Cause Analysis personnel, and other related N7 personnel.

Prerequisites for this course include completion of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Military Sealift Command course
  • MSC Regulatory Standards, Inspections, Maintenance Availability Overview, and Engineering Budgets course
  • Government Contracting, RCA, RCM, and ENCON course
  • MSC Work Item Writing Fundamentals course
  • MSC Work Item Estimating Fundamentals course
  • Maintenance Availability Planning and Management, Drydocking, and Logistics
  • CMEO Ashore Part I – SAMM Planning course
  • CMEO Ashore Part II – PENG Execution course

This course outlines N7 initiatives to leverage SAMM and PENG data to support data-driven decision-making for MSC engineering and maintenance management functions. This course consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction to CMEO Ashore Part III – Program Analysis
  • Performance Management, Measurement, and Auditing
  • Data Considerations
  • Data Quality
  • Data Mining Overview
  • Data Analysis Overview
  • MSC Engineering and Maintenance Management Policies and Procedures Overview
  • SAMM Web Data
  • SAMM Web Reports
  • SAMM Feedback Process
  • Material Readiness Quotient (MRQ)
  • Executive Summary
  • Engineering Status Report
    • CASREP Analysis
    • PMIA Usage
    • Safety Items
    • SAMM Deferrals
    • TRANSALT Status
    • VRR Log Usage
    • Open VRR Details
    • POAM Status
    • POAM Milestone Completion History
    • POAM Usage
  • Additional Uses for SAMM Web Data and Reports
    • Researching equipment planned maintenance requirements and material history for root cause analysis
    • Maintenance effectiveness reviews
    • ABS Condition-Based Classification
    • Auditing and documenting SMS and QMS compliance
    • Better preparing for upcoming regulatory inspections and surveys
    • Condition-based approach to future MSC inspections (e.g., SMART, OCI, VSA, and PEVI)

CMEO Ashore Part III – Program Analysis Syllabus

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