Caterpillar – Advanced Diesel Engine Applied Failure Analysis

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This is a course on Applied Failure Analysis on how components fail and how to conduct failure analysis.
This objective is to provide students information that will allow them to conduct failure analysis to allow identification of “road signs” for different types of failures and their root causes.  Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to complete failure analysis determination and reports, particularly in warranty/ policy settlements, on a broad range of components.
Day1: Failure Analysis Management, basic metallurgy, fractures, wear, and visual examination and reporting
Day2: Engine bearings and crankshafts, with practical exercises on both.
Day3: Engine valves, pistons, rings, liners and fasteners, with practical exercises.
Day4: Con rods and turbochargers, with practical application on both.
Day5: Two case studies allowing students to apply skills and knowledge learned in class, analyzing multiple failed components and completing failure analysis report documentation.
**Gloves will be provided and worn during all labs. Masks will be worn during the entire class and throughout the building.

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