ABS Shaft Alignment for Superintendents (online only)

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Shaft Alignment for Superintendents
Course OPS012
Although shaft alignment is measured in tenths of a millimeter, a shaft that is out of alignment can disable a ship the size of the tallest skyscraper. Misalignment can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes loads are carried by just the edge of the bearing, and sometimes loads are transferred completely off one bearing and added to the next.
Because the weight of the shaft is so great, improperly distributed forces can damage the bearings and shaft and even cripple the engine by destroying the main bearing or warping the crankshaft. The whole issue becomes how to calculate bearing offsets to account for hull deflection.
In this course, participants learn the theory behind the ABS Rules for shaft alignment, as well as measurement criteria and tools used during the shaft alignment process. Emphasis is given to practical alignment procedures and mitigation techniques to diagnose and prevent commonly experienced issues.
In this interactive two-day course, experienced instructors will take participants through best practices for shaft alignment to confirm that the concepts are clearly defined and understood.
• Shaft alignment from theory to practice
• Alignment-related risks, including cause and effect
• Practical alignment procedures:
̶ Sighting through
̶ Stern frame boring
̶ Bearing slope boring
̶ Engine bedplate pre-sagging
̶ Gap and sag
̶ Reactions measurements
̶ Crankshaft deflections
̶ Strain gauge installation
• Classification requirements
• Alignment optimization and hull deflections
• Video and live demonstration with the GE Bentley Nevada experimental rotor kit
2 days(OPS012) Shaft Alignment for Superintendents

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